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martes, abril 05, 2011

Why am I on ReverbNation?

Hey guys! First of all, I would like to say a big big big Thank You for your support and the kind comments. I appreciate it more than I can put in words.
This is my very first email and I thought the timing was just right.  

Why am I on ReverbNation? 

For me, it's not really about sharing my music: I only have covers on my profile page at the moment. For me, it's about LISTENING to music. Getting to know new bands, new songs. Making connections. Networking, in the most literal sense of the word. Talking to them. Expressing my opinion. 

I love music. If I feel like listening to some Jazz, I browse the website looking for Jazz artists. Or Blues, or Funk, or Progressive Rock artists. I found some amazing musicians from all over the world. Each artist that I like, I play some tunes. If I like them, I "fan" it  and I comment on the music.  That has been my modus operandi the three months I've been active here on Reverbnation. There are amazing rock artists in Sri Lanka, pop singers in Indonesia, metal bands from Latvia, and classical musicians from Bolivia.  

It's been the same for the artists who fanned me here on ReverbNation. I feel like if someone actually took the time of their (busy or not) schedule to become my fan, the least I can do is listen to his music.  Some tracks I'll like, some tracks not so much, but you can be sure I do listen to them.  And I comment pretty much all the time.  

But it's not a pre-prepared comment. I comment on what I hear. I comment about the music I just listened. Takes much more time, but it's 100 times more rewarding, both for me and for the artist in question. It's a real connection, and they appreciate it so much more. 

I'm afraid I have no respect for those artists who just post the exact same comment all over again, on every single band profile on earth. Un-fanning and fanning an artist to appear on their frontpage, that I can understand. I don't do it, nor agree with it, but it doesn't bother me that much.

This is a website to make connections. To network. I mean, come on, if you're serious about your music, do your homework! 

Make every listen count. Make every comment count.  

So, why are you on ReverbNation? ;) 

I'd like to know what you think. Email me back to I also posted this as a note on Facebook. You can find it on my page, which is Feel free to comment. And feel free to share and/or forward this note! I'm interested on what you have to say :) 

My kindest regards,


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